Mentor Reformer™ Bundle

ELN 100401

The Mentor Reformer from Elina Pilates is the perfect fusion of functionality and versatility in a compact and robust machine.

  • Mini Tower with adjustable pulleys
  • High-strength anodized aluminum structure
  • Footbar movable along the entire length of the reformer
  • Includes extra-wide box, jump board, and handles

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Upholstered Color: Grey
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With cutting-edge features, this professional reformer adapts to all levels.

Its sturdy aluminum structure and steel feet ensure durability. The Mini Tower and adjustable foot bar add the versatility you need. The smooth sliding of the carriage and the cushioning system of the bed offer serenity during training. Padded shoulder rests and an adjustable headrest complete this experience of comfort and support.

The Mentor reformer by Elina Pilates redefines the standard of pilates training and adds extra versatility.


  • Anodized aluminum for great strength and steel feet.
  • Foot bar with "Quick release" system with 7 quick-change positions.
  • Padded non-slip foot bar and footboard.
  • Mechanism that allows the foot bar to move horizontally along the reformer.
  • Smooth and ultra-quiet carriage with eight polyurethane wheels and high-precision bearings.
  • High-quality upholstery resistant to intense and continuous use.
  • Retractable cord collection system that stores the cords at the bottom of the carriage.
  • Adjustable bed cushioning mechanism in 4 positions to prevent abrupt impacts.
  • Complete set of six high-quality springs with a fixed spring bar of two heights to combine resistances according to desired intensity.
  • Adjustable three-position headrest.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder rests for easy placement.
  • Extra-wide padded box for great stability that can be placed in parallel or perpendicular to the reformer.
  • Removable extra-wide jump board for easy foot placement.
  • Foot anchoring strap located in the pit that can be adjusted along the machine.
  • Foot strap on the front of the reformer.
  • Wheels on the front legs for easy transport of the reformer.

Mini Tower

  • Anti-slip hexagonal profiles.
  • Horizontal bar for ballet exercises and stretches.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Adjustable pulleys in height and width.
  • Numbered on both the side and back.
  • Adjustable hooks for attaching springs or elastics both front and back.


  • Structure + Mentor reformer carriage.
  • Complete Mini Tower with pulleys.
  • Essentials Kit with box, jump board, and handles.
  • Extra-wide box.
  • Jump board.
  • Padded foot platform.
  • Padded foot bar.
  • 1 set of padded foam hard handles.
  • 1 set of double-loop cotton handles for hands and feet.
  • Padded shoulder rests.
  • Springs: 2 strong red, 2 medium green, and 2 light yellow.
  • Foot securing strap.
  • Foot anchoring strap.
  • 1 pair of wheels.
  • A set of pulley ropes.


Our reformers are available in two standard colors, black and gray, as well as six other colors available on demand, including green, blue, red, ivory, ocean blue, and mocha. If you are interested in other colors, do not hesitate to consult with our team.


Reformer Length: 98.43 in | 250 cm

Reformer Width: 29.53 in | 75 cm

Reformer Structure Height: 12.80 in | 32.5 cm

Maximum Height: 39.37 in | 100 cm

Bed Length: 40.15 in | 102 cm

Bed Height: 16.14 in | 41 cm

Weight: 179.68 lb | 81.5 kg (without accessories)

Box Measurements: 27.95 x 18.71 x 11.03 in | 71 x 47.5 x 28 cm

Reference: Ean13 - 8421941015342


  • 10-year warranty for the structure.
  • 2-year warranty for the rest of the parts.
ELN 100401
98,43 in | 250 cm
29,53 in | 75 cm
Structure height
12,80 in | 32,5 cm
Maximum height
39,37 in | 100 cm
Bed length
40,15 in | 102 cm
Width of the bed
16,14 in | 41 cm
179,68 lb | 81,5 kg.
Box Size
27,56 x 15,75 x 11,42 In | 71 x 40 x 28 cm
Structural material
Anodized aluminum and steel feet.
Bed brake mechanism
Dampened, 4 positions
Extra wide
Jumping Board
Foot platform
Foot bar system
"Quick release", 7 positions
Foot bar displacement
Headrest adjustment
3 positions
Double loop wings, hands and feet
Padded hands
Removable | adjustable shoulder pads
Yes | 4 positions
2 reds 2 greens 2 yellows
Spring bar
Fixed | 2 heights
Pulley positions
Adjustable pulleys high
Adjustable width pulleys
Foot restraint strap
Yes | Fixed | Outdoor
Ankle strap
Yes | Movable
Chop wood
Pulley ropes
Rope anchoring system
Mini tower
Tower possibility
Transport wheels
Vertical position
Peso máximo soportado
150 Kg / 330,7 lb
Structural warranty
10 years

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Guarantee and Maintenance

The Mentor Reformer™ Bundle is a safe and robust machine that also has a 10-year warranty for the structure and a 2-year warranty for the rest of the parts.

Maintenance Tips

Wheels, Regulating Bars and Guides | In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the wheel bearings, the spring regulating bars and the guides on which the cart slides, periodic cleaning and lubrication of them is recommended.

Upholstery | Clean with water and a microfiber cloth. For deeper stains, use a tablespoon of neutral soap diluted in 1.5 liters of water.

Springs | To maintain the tension and safety of the springs, it is recommended to change them approximately every two years, although this will depend on the intensity of use.

Spare parts | Elina Pilates machines are made of high quality materials that give them great longevity. If you need any spare parts for the maintenance of your machine, you can contact us at [email protected].

Shipping | Elina Pilates Pilates offers free shipping on all its reforms*. You can check the details in the “shipping” section of this website or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding delivery.

Assembly | Our renovations are designed to be assembled without the need for professional assistance. The reformer will receive it semi-assembled and will only have to add the accompanying parts, it is a very simple assembly.

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