About Us

Elina Pilates is a leading brand in machines and accessories for the practice of Pilates. Founded almost two decades ago, we stand out for our extensive experience and an extraordinary team of professionals.

Our products are up to the best brands in the market and are internationally recognized. Elina Pilates is present in studios on 5 continents and is recommended by professionals from all over the world for its excellent value for money. We love what we do and that is reflected in each of our products.

Our mission:

At Elina Pilates, we get up every day with the goal of designing and manufacturing professional quality machines and accessories at competitive prices. We strive to bring Pilates to studios and homes around the world, providing quality products and personalized attention. We have a variety of machines of different sizes, heights and versatile accessories to adapt to any space. We prioritize research and use high-quality materials in each phase of production.

In collaboration with international Pilates experts, our products are designed with attention to detail to ensure their quality and effectiveness. We value the opinions and suggestions of our clients to continue constantly improving. We are proud to have a human team committed to providing the best care possible.

Our experience and motivation drive us to be continuous evolution and development of new products and improvements. We have more than 20 registered patents and designs that improve the user experience. We are an innovative brand, dedicated to providing quality and reliability in the Pilates industry.

In our mission to make Pilates more accessible, we strive to break down financial, logistical, and cultural barriers. We want the benefits of Pilates to be available to everyone. Our goal is to positively impact people on a physical, mental and emotional level, creating an inclusive environment where our community can enjoy the benefits of Pilates.

In conclusion, at Elina Pilates we are dedicated to making Pilates accessible for everyone, creating quality products, promoting inclusion and providing a supportive environment. We believe in the transformative power of Pilates and want to empower people to find their balance and experience greater well-being through this practice.

We are Elina, innovation, work and perseverance at the service of our clients.

Studios around the world trust Elina Pilates

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