Cadillac Reformer Elite

ELN 300003

Exclusive and modern design thought to offer the best benefits to professionals in the sector. It stands out for incorporating innovative systems such as the quick change of positions of the foot bar, the spring bar and the pulleys. It has front and rear stability straps and offers an extra smooth glide.

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Upholstered Color: Grey
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The carriage is mounted on a two-piece rail system that provides a stable, smooth and quiet ride, with a frame strong interior, adjustable alignment control and foam padding.

The carriage uses a system of eight wheels: four verticals to support the carriage and four adjustable sides to align it between the frames. Comfortable padded surfaces, highlighting: the cervical support with three head restraint positions; two shoulder/arm supports quick release and adjustable in 4 positions; padded jump board and upholstered with large dimensions and with an adjustable foot bar in 7 positions.

Our push bar for Pilates Chair is the result of our innovation system. This was born from the integration of the concept of a Pilates Chair in the Cadillac-Reformer itself, a compact solution to optimize the space. It has two springs (red), although the bar can be connected to one or both springs at the same time.


  • Adjustable shoulder pads to 4 positions, easy adaptation to each user.
  • Adjustable headrest in 3 positions.
  • Stainless steel tower with front and rear hitch for Pilates exercises. Easy to remove.
  • Pulley bars with quick height change and removable quick-release system
  • 7-position quick-change footbar.
  • Push Bar adjustable in 4 heights.
  • 1 push bar safety strap.
  • Wooden trapeze bar with padded protection, with covered springs for greater safety and stabilizer belt.
  • 1 set of pulley ropes, 1 adjustable foot strap, 1 adjustable box strap.
  • 1 velcro strap.
  • Roll - down bar in solid maple wood.
  • Springs : 2 light (yellow), 2 medium (green) and 2 strong (red).
  • 1 spring bar with 4 positions and 2 rows of prestressed anchors
  • 2 long green springs for the chair, 1 chair frame and 1 set of supports with sliding along the pit.
  • A cotton handles: 1 set of double handles for hands and feet, 1 set of padded handles and 1 set of foot handles.
  • 1 pair of Fuzzies handles , very soft, 1 stopper with sliding along the structure and 2 bars for horizontal and vertical sliding, with quick adjustment system
  • Includes the jump board, Box, anti-slip foot platform and Standing Platformt for the feet and double mat to completely cover the surface.
  • Different colors of upholstery.


Length: 248 cm.

Width: 88 cm (incluidos anclajes).

Bed height: 56 cm.

Bed size: 228,5 x 69 cm.

Weight: 185 kg.

Chair total length: 234 + 6 + 14 cm.

Wood structure length: 247 cm.

Wood structure width: 68 + 18 cm.

ELN 300003

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