Discover the revolutionary MTD

Posted by      27/06/2023 16:42:38     Live in Balance
Discover the revolutionary MTD

A system of rotating discs in triangular alignment that has been meticulously developed after years of study and testing. Taken in collaboration with Pilates Instructor Manuel Pedregal. With the MTD, both professional and home users will enjoy a wide variety of exercises to improve mobility, stability and coordination.

Experience unparalleled effectiveness in training mobility, stability and coordination with the MTD. This piece of equipment is perfect for strengthening and increasing mobility in the shoulder girdle, offering an optimal level of coordination thanks to its unique combination of mobility and stability.

The MTD allows a full range of spinal motion without compromising safety, unloading the spine and allowing wider ranges of motion. From rotations, flexions and extensions to side bends, you can work each level of the spine in isolation according to your individual needs.

With the MTD, you can regulate the intensity of the effort in core training, adapting it to different possible positions. Whether you're in a four-point, lateral, prone, or standing position, you'll be able to adjust both the range of motion and the intensity of the exercise for optimal results.

The MTD is the ideal complement for training focused on rotational sports that require a resistant shoulder girdle. Discover how this innovative piece of equipment can take your performance to the next level and enhance your performance in sports that require demanding rotational movements.


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