Pilates Aluminium reformer HL 4 with tower

Pilates Aluminium reformer HL 4 with tower

ELN 400004

It is the only one in the market horizontally stackable, without removing tower. Modern line incorporates the latest technological advances. Ideal for studios and clubs seeking versatility and practicality.




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Elina Pilates most versatile and professional reformer. Incredibly adaptable and durable, superior construction for maximum safety and durability. Fixed foot bar, adjustable in 5 different angles.

The reformer includes:

  • Silent and smooth slide system.
  • 6-position quick-change footbar.
  • Detachable pulley set and 1 pulley rope set.
  • Adjustable headrest in 3 positions.
  • Cotton handles: 1 double handles set for hands and foot and 1 padded handle set.
  • Springs: 1 light (yellow), 2 medium (green), 2 strong (red).
  • Shoulder removable pads with fastening system.
  • Adjustable foot strap.
  • Includes the jump table and the box.
  • 1 anti-slip foot platform.
  • 2 wheels at the back for easy portability. 2 wheels to put it in a horizontal position.
  • Different colors of upholstery.

The tower includes:

  • Steel folding tower. Allows the vertical movement of the pulleys throughout the guide.
  • 2 pulley extra sets for the tower.
  • Mat to cover the surface with handles. Very light.
  • Push Bar adjustable in 3 heights.
  • 1 push bar safety strap.
  • Springs: 2 short light (yellow), 2 medium short (green), 2 light long (yellow) y 2 medium long (green).
  • Roll - down bar in solid rock maple.
  • 1 simple grip set for foot.
  • 1 height adjustable spring hitches set.
  • Different colors of upholstery.


Length: 230 cm.

Width: 59 cm.

Bed height: 62 cm.

Bed size: 91 x 59 cm.

Weight: 60 kg.

Height of tower with bed: 225 cm.

Tower width: 71 cm.

Weight. 20 kg.

Data sheet
Length90,6 in | 230 cm
Width23,2 in | 59 cm
Height of the bed24,4 in | 62 cm
Bed size35,8 x 23,2 in | 91 x 59 cm
Weight132 lb | 60 kg
Tower height88,6 in | 225 cm
Tower width28 in | 71 cm
Tower weight44 lb | 20 kg

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