Our products are on par with the best brands in the market and are internationally recognized. Elina Pilates is present in studios on all 5 continents and is recommended by professionals worldwide for its excellent value for money. We love what we do, and that is reflected in each of our products.

Reformer products category


Elina Pilates Reformers offer safety and comfort, they are made of Wood or Aluminum, and they are elegant and durable.

Reformer products with Tower category

Reformers with Tower

Elina Pilates Reformers with towers combine versatility and quality, recommended by Pilates professionals worldwide.


Known as Pilates Trapezes, our Cadillacs are sturdy and secure equipment equipped with horizontal and vertical bars.


Elina Pilates chairs, in collaboration with global experts, guarantee quality and versatility, adapting to each user for an exceptional experience.


Elina Pilates Ladder Barrels are semi-cylindrical structures with wooden steps that improve flexibility and posture in Pilates.

Wall Units

Elina Pilates Wall Units are essential in classical Pilates studios, with a solid base, springs, and bars for dynamic and versatile exercises.

Small Equipment

Discover accessories and equipment to enhance your Pilates exercises, from stability to muscle strengthening. Personalize your routine with our selection.

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