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Massage ball Spike Ball Soft.

Massage ball Spike Ball Soft.

Our spiked massage balls are water resistant and have a great duration.


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The Spike Ball massage ball is a classic of our company with more than 25 years of manufacture in Spain. Very useful for self massage and postural education. Our spiked massage balls are water resistant and have a great duration. Soft composition. Available in 4 sizes: 65, 75, 85 or 100 mm in diameter.

The Spike Ball is a classic of our company, manufactured in Spain for more than 25 years. Initially it was used in patients with depressive states or postural problems.

It has been used constantly and practically all over the world for self myofascial massage and postural education.

It stimulates local vasodilation to increase blood flow and receptors responsible for promoting pain door theory. It acts as a complement for pressure point release and myofascial release.

It promotes the release of endorphins.

It can improve posture and body awareness, immediately promoting instant gratification for the client and the therapist.

Spike Ball massage balls can be used anywhere and at any time, for example, in the office, living room, travelling or at school.

Functional activities, such as walking or throwing, can greatly improve our balance with the proper use of Spike Balls massage ball.

Small in size, it helps release tension in hard to reach places. It is used to relieve trigger points and pain. Odorless, durable and waterproof. The balls are lightweight and will maintain their shape during and after use.

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