Good posture

Good posture

One of the main objectives that customers expect to achieve when they go to a pilates center is to improve your body posture. Having a good alignment becomes key in preventing injuries as well as improving athletic performance.

Current lifestyles with a high rate of physical inactivity, lead us to maintain positions unsuitable for hours, which end up creating compensation and possible pathologies.

What does having a good posture?

In the dictionary position we find the term refers to the orientation of the body or column in space. Current definitions we propose the term as a proper relationship and control between the skeletal system and the muscular system so that they can protect all structures of the body in both static phases and during the movement. Therefore, in order to have good posture we need several body systems work in a coordinated manner by the controlled action of the nervous system. We seek an effective and efficient body.

Incorrect posture implies a deficit of relationship between different parts of the body: the balance is lost, compensation, restriction zones and thus excess mobility areas appear.

The position is no longer efficient, neutrality is lost and even the function of certain muscles is altered. As professionals move our goal is to work with the customer to actively teach that can improve your body position. We will have to explain what are the main changes and suggest exercises to change their static and moving patterns.

The column is the thread that connects the upper and lower extremities. A static postural analysis provides valuable information on the curves of the spine, and help us in designing the best exercises for that client. There is an ideal position relative to the plumb line and based on that different pathologies are defined by curves are altered. Normally you'd find two lordotic curves in the lumbar and cervical kyphosis area and another curve in the dorsal area. Any increase or decrease the normal values ​​of these curves, is impaired static position. Having a customer for example, with a lumbar spine rectified we would the challenge of trying to restore normal lordotic condition.

Not only positive stance analyze the static level and therefore recommend studying the behavior dynamically body. There are different tests and methods which aims to check for a correct relationship between the various segments when performing the movements.

Understanding the protagonists: postural muscles

The ideal posture depends on the proper work of all the muscles of the body, first developing the deep muscles or stabilizers to build a solid foundation and on it a uniform and balanced mobilizing muscles. Postural or stabilizing musculature is to control the neutral areas of joints and maintain the proper axis of motion. They are anticipatory (activated before the rest of muscle), very proprioceptive (automatically activated) and contract throughout the range of motion. These muscles respond to a low-intensity training (20-25% of maximum voluntary contraction) and stimulated in exercises with slow movements. Being a big informers body position in space, go entering unstable surfaces as they move sessions and many verbal and tactile images to help improve understanding of the movement. Of all the curves we look especially in the lumbar-pelvic or commonly called CORE area as it contains our center of gravity and also it levers that connect the upper and lower part of the body are connected. The group of muscles that form the CORE generates a cylinder, like a corset, stabilizes the spine and at the same time is the source of any limb movement because of their anticipatory function.

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