Elite Wood Reformer with tower

Elite Wood Reformer with tower

It stands out as the first stackable reformer on the market and incorporates innovative systems such as the rapid change of positions of foot bar, spring bar and pulleys. Also, it has front and rear stability straps, and offers an extra smooth glide.


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Get to the forefront and make a leap of quality in the Pilates experience with our new reformer, an exclusive and modern design thought to offer the best benefits to the professionals of the sector.



  • Premium rock maple wood, stainless steel metal parts.
  • Silent and smooth slide system.
  • Adjustable shoulder pads in 4 positions. Adapted to any people
  • Adjustable headrest in 3 positions.
  • 4 positions spring bar and 2 rows of prestressed anchor.
  • Tower springs: 2 light (yellow), 2 medium (green) y 2 strong (red).
  • A cotton handles: 1 set of double handles for hands and feet, 1 set of padded handles and 1 set of foot handle.
  • Pulley bars with quick height change and removable quick-release system.
  • 7-position quick-change footbar.
  • Adjustable and sliding fastening strap along the entire rail.
  • Stackable, wheels for easy transport.
  • Includes the jump board, Box and Standing Platform.
  • 1 set of pulley ropes.
  • 1 adjustable foot strap.

Different colors of upholstery.


  • Stainless steel towers with hooks. Easier exercises from outside of the unit. Easily removable.
  • Mat to cover the surface with handles. Very light.
  • Push Bar adjustable in 3 heights.
  • 1 push bar safety strap.
  • 4 positions spring bar and 2 rows of prestressed anchor.
  • Bed springs: 2 light (yellow), 2 medium (green) y 2 strong (red).
  • Roll - down bar in solid rock maple.
  • 1 set for simple handles for foot.
  • Height with the tower: 202 cm.


Length: 228,5 cm.

Bed height: 39,5 cm.

Width: 76 cm.

Weight: 85 Kg.

Foot bar length: 255, 5 cm.

Structure width: 68,5 cm.

Padded bed height: 39,5 cm.

Our machines are available in a fixed way in black and grey. To purchase them in other colors: ivory, blue, green or red, it is necessary to contact us as they are made on request.

Data sheet
Length 100,39In | 255 cm
Width 29,92 In | 76 cm
Reformer Interior Width 26,96 In | 68,5 cm
Reformer Interior Length 96,45 In | 245 cm
Height of the bed 15,75 In | 40 cm
Weight 187,393 Lb | 85 Kg
Box Size 27,6x15,7x11,4 In | 70x40x29 cm
Tower height 79,5 In | 202 cm
Foot Height 13,8 In | 35 cm

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