Benefits of the Pilates Method

Benefits of the Pilates Method

The results of the Pilates Method begin to be noticed right away, so that during the first session we can feel that the muscles have worked.

Pilates summed up the effectiveness of his method with the following sentence: “In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, and in thirty sessions the body will change”.

The Pilates Method manages to change your body, your mind and your way of relating to the environment. To achieve this, it is based on a deep control of the body and mind in order to activate the blood and lymphatic systems, stretching each muscle and tendon to lubricate the body. Everything is done under strict control of the brain system. In this way, the sculpting of the body is achieved by working simultaneously on the physical, the mind and the spirit.

The key of Pilates is to exercise the body from the center to the extremities adopting practically all possible postures. To maximize its benefits, the practitioner must gradually overcome different phases and exercises, being the breath control indispensable to activate each muscle with a specific purpose.

Pilates works carefully each body gear to return its functionality and get the most out of it, obtaining spectacular results. In addition, for followers of the method, “practice Pilates” is a very pleasant experience, since the movements are slow and soft and require a lot of concentration, which relaxes and releases tension from the body and stress or worries from the mind.

Some of the main benefits of Pilates are:

  • Get a good muscle tone strengthening and toning the body without increasing the volume and thereby getting the figure stylized. We can achieve the much desired “flat belly”.
  • Increase flexibility, agility, sense of balance and improve coordination of movements.
  • Improves postural alignment and corrects wrong postural habits.
  • It allows preventing and rehabilitating injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
  • By means of breathing and concentration, a state global relaxation is achieved, thereby enabling the elimination of stress and muscular tensions and rigidity.
  • Through body-mind integration, you can increase your self-esteem and your body’s knowledge, obtaining a not only physical but integral well-being and managing to change the way you relate to your body and face life.
  • It provides great vitality and strength, making it possible to minimize the effort to perform the heaviest daily tasks or any other type of sport.

Who is it for?

The Pilates Method is indicated for everyone, both for those who are introduced for the first time in physical activity, and for those who seek to improve the movement (such as high-level athletes) whether young, old, people who perform some other sport or those that lead a more sedentary life.

It is highly recommended for people who are in the process of rehabilitation or who have suffered an injury (Pilates is fully integrated in the rehabilitation programs in the US and UK so that many physiotherapists apply this technique, in combination with others, to treat their patients), as well as for all those who suffer back problems and seek a preventive activity.

However, to make the practice of this method valid and effective, it is essential that it is carried out under the supervision of a qualified professional in this technique since this is the only way to guarantee that the exercises are carried out in a correct way avoiding unnecessary injuries and to obtain optimal results.

In order to benefit from the method effects, it is recommended to carry out at least two sessions per week, either individually or in groups. Each session lasts approximately one hour.

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