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Training Cord

Training Cord

TC 60994199

Work the whole body with Training Cord. Easy to store and transport. It’s ideal for home, travel and gyms or studios.

Two units Set.


sem IVA

99,00€ com IVA

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The Training Cord is a practical and versatile tool for your workouts.

It works both your lower and upper body, with a wide variety of exercises to target the muscle groups that interest you most.

It can be used for both individual and groups in a studio or gym and can be incorporated into Pilates, rehabilitation, functional training or fitness programs. It’s very easy to store and transport so it’s ideal to have it at home or even take it on a trip and everything you need to continue doing your training routines wherever you go.

Resistance levels:

It offers 3 resistance levels that you can control trough the 2 roulettes that each of the Training Cord has (one of each side). These roulette wheels have two options: 1: down and 2: towards one of the sides. The levels are equivalent to different weights: 2.5 kg, 5 kg and 7.5 kg.

Level 1: both wheels in position 1 (down)

Level 2: one roulette in position 1 and the other in position 2 (to the right or to the left, depending on which side you are on)

Level 3: both roulettes in position 2 (left and right)


  •          3 resistance levels: Level 1: 2.5 kg  | Level 2: 5 kg  | Level 3: 7.5 kg
  •          Rope length: 1.9 m
  •          Product size: 13 x 12 x 27.5 cm (each)
  •          Product weight: 1.29 kg (each)
* On certain wooden floors, the suction cup does not grip well.

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